Our books are slim, elegant and substantial collectible art objects in their own right, and they are deliberately kept free of text on both the front and back covers.

The reason for this is so that you can – if you wish – display them on your walls just like a piece of art, using this optional custom slide in/slide out wall mounted acrylic display unit that we have developed for this very purpose.

Not only is this a great way to enjoy looking at your book every day (rather than just seeing its spine on your book case) but it also gives you an answer to the obvious question, “Where do I put a book this big?”

Open sides allow you to slide your slipcased book in and out for easy access, and you can reverse the contents should you wish to do so.

This means you can choose to display either the front or the back of the book – both are equally worthy of display – as you can see from the photograph, which shows Sticky Fingers: The Lost Session, front and back. If you feel like a change, just turn it round.

The acrylic display units have been created specifically for our ultra-large format books and they are very easy to mount on your wall. Any of our books will fit in one of these display units.

You can order one here