In 1989, renowned Italian photographer Guido Harari got to shoot one of his all-time music heroes, David Crosby, in Milan. After many years of struggling with his drug addiction, Crosby was clean again and happy to promote his second solo album, called "Oh Yes I Can". Guido planned to focus primarily on Crosby’s face to celebrate the artist’s new found serenity. The crop Guido had in mind would neatly fit the front and back of a record cover.

When Crosby got to see the results from the shoot, he had no doubt, as did Graham Nash, this was his definitive image. They decided this would be the cover of Crosby’s next solo project, called "Thousand Roads".

Graham Nash had just started his Nash Editions, the very first lab for digital fine art prints, so, when the time came, he fed Guido’s original black and white photograph into his computer and turned it into a kind of more pictorial and psychedelic image for the album cover.

Guido, as a bit of a purist, was never that keen on the colour treatment and now, twenty five years later, that photograph has finally been made available in glorious black and white as a fine art limited edition photograph, signed and numbered on the front by Guido Harari. In addition, please note that David Crosby has agreed to co-sign a very limited run of 15 prints on 16×23 inch paper. You can order one here. If you prefer a larger piece, but not co-signed by David Crosby, you can see the options here.

In the photographs below, you can see David Crosby and Graham Nash with Guido, and the signed photograph.