Incredible to think that this key 1973 live performance photograph is being offered onto the collectors market for the very first time in this exhibition, and that someone now has the opportunity to own the number 1 photograph in the edition.  We will be displaying this key piece in the large 30 x 40 inch version at the gallery during the show, and it looks magnificent in that large size. 

This photograph, which Sukita has titled ‘Gimmie Your Hands’ was taken in April 1973 at Shibuya Kokaido in Tokyo, on David Bowie’s first tour of Japan. It is always nice to hear from people who were at the concert, and we had an email yesterday from Ichiro Shimizu was was there in the audience.  He sends a nice message to Sukita and we wanted to share that as it sums up how many people feel about Sukita’s photographs.

Ichiro writes: "Sukita-san, i was totally knocked out by your Bowie shot which was blown out be a 4-story high building displayed on Seibu department store wall in Shibuya, just before his Ziggy concert. I was very surprised when I saw another Ziggy shot you took from the side of the stage at Shibuya Koukaido including me as an audience member. I love your pictures – all those glam rock period ones. They take me back to those days with wonderful memories. Thank you."

Gimmie Your Hands is available to order now in a choice of two sizes – on 16 x 20 inch paper in an edition of 30 examples, and on 30x  40 inch paper in an edition of just 10 worldwide. You can order one right now – go go go !