One perennial concern for us is that inevitably, there will be people in different parts of the world who want to see our exhibitions, and find out about the stories behind these incredible photographs, but who, for all kinds of reasons, simply won’t be in a position to make the trip to see the show while it is up on the walls.

It seemed to us that the launch of Apple’s iPad gave us the perfect opportunity to deal with this problem. Consequently, for Simon Larbalestier’s Pixies retrospective exhibition, we are delighted to announce that we will be launching an app for iPhone and iPad which will enable people to see not only beautiful full screen versions of these images in amazing clarity, but also find out all about the wonderful stories behind the photographs. To make it even more special, the app will contain rare and unseen work that is not even on the gallery walls.

Full details about the app will be on the gallery website as soon as it is ready to launch – expected to be early June. 

Please give it a try: we think you will like it a lot, especially on the large iPad screen. See the relative sizes alongside to get an idea of how amazing this is going to look.

Watch this space for more details