Later this year we publish Rolling Thunder: Photographs by Ken Regan, the sixth volume in the series of ultra-large-format limited edition books released by our Ormond Yard Press Imprint, and featuring key moments in the history of popular music. Ken was the official photographer on Bob Dylan’s 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue, and the book will celebrate his incredible archive of photographs in a format that, for the first time, does them the justice they deserve.

We are running a pre-launch offer on the book, giving early subscribers the opportunity to lock in to a nice discount in advance of publication. This offer will end soon so if you would like to take advantage of the reduced price, please do so as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

This helps us – because the upfront production costs on a book like this are substantial – and in return for your early purchase, we can offer you the book at the discounted price.

You can read more about the book and order your copy here.