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Pennie Smith: The Jam – Tripod

£ 1800

I read somewhere that this is Paul Weller’s favourite photograph of The Jam. Maybe that’s because it is just him and Bruce — or maybe it is because it is a truly great image. We call it “tripod” because Bruce and Paul seem to have fused into a single focuses rock-solid three-legged entity. One thing you may not notice at first – see how the shadows form edgy geometric shapes on the floor. Taken in 1978, this photograph appeared on the front cover of NME on 4 November of that year, under the headline “Jam today”. 

This silver gelatin photograph is made in the darkroom from Pennie Smith’s original negative on 16 x 20 inch paper, and signed on the front under the image area by Pennie Smith. The image size is 11 x 16 inches approx. The price is shown for an unframed photograph – please ask if you require framing.

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