Michael Putland (1947-2019) recalled: When I arrived as agreed at 10am at a TV studio on London’s South Bank to shoot stills of The Rolling Stones “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll” video, I wondered if I had the right day, as no one was there. Over the next few hours technicians wandered in, followed by make-up artists, assistants, record company people, and finally, the band. Well, four of them – there was no sign of Keith. Something about his missing trainers was murmured. When Keith finally arrived, the band dressed in their sailor suits and prepared to enter the huge tent, which was to slowly fill with foam as they entered. It was evening now.

The band ran through the number, but there was no foam. The foam was machine was turned up to maximum, and in it rushed. Charlie disappeared completely, then the others were up to their shoulders, but the song was not yet finished. I was shooting through a slit in the tent, which was also getting enveloped in fast-filling foam. Eventually all of the band bailed out at the last minute, straight through the hole I was shooting through. It was hysterically funny – we were all in fits of laughter.