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John d Green: Dusty Springfield

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Dusty Springfield, photographed on 12 April 1967 at John d Green’s Kensington studio. This photograph appeared on the front cover of Dusty Springfield’s third album, Where Am I Going, released in October 1967. A print is in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery.

John recalls the shoot: “Dusty Springfield is an interesting story. She rang to say she could only give me half and hour. So I tested the background and exposure, lighting, etc using my assistant in preparation for the shoot. Dusty arrived at the studio and we spent half an hour taking the pictures. A couple of rolls of film and that was it. I expected her to rush home, but she didn’t go. Four hours later, after endless cups of coffee, she was still there. She needed a shoulder and it happened to be mine, telling me her life story. She was a very lovely talented girl.”

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