Neil Young passing an old woman at 3rd & Sullivan, New York City, June 1970. “After The Gold Rush” album cover (solarized).

Joel Bernstein explains how the old woman came to be in the frame: “The photo was not “a mistake.” I saw the small, old woman coming towards us down the sidewalk, was intrigued, and wanted to catch her passing Neil. The mistake, to me, was that I had in my haste focused the lens just past the two figures, closer to the fence than to Neil’s face. That was the original reason why I made a small-sized print and solarized it; to help with the apparent sharpness. But the solarization in this case added a somewhat spooky dimension to the image, which Neil took to immediately.”

NOTE:Because of the nature of the solarization process, each print is unique, and small variations from print to print will occur.