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Jamie Byrne: (What’s The Story) Morning Glory

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This is the first of Jamie Byrne’s incredible graphic novel album commissions, in which he takes a favourite LP and represents each of the tracks in graphic novel style. Jamie will create a bespoke original commission for you, focusing on your album of choice, made with a 100 x 100 cm image size (or a smaller size of your choice to suit your space). Each original commission is made on high-gloss coated aluminium, framed in a tray frame without glazing, and signed and numbered 1/1 by Jamie on the reverse.

Once an original is created, Jamie makes limited editions of 10 with a 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 inch (approx) image and 10 with a 75 x 75 cm / 30 x 30 inch (approx) image. The limited editions are archival pigment prints on paper, and can be supplied unframed or framed. Prices for the limited editions are shown without frames. Please ask for a quote if you would like us to arrange framing.

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