Susanna Hoffs photographed on 25 February 1991 at the Meridien Hotel on Piccadilly.

Harry Borden photographed Susanna Hoffs at the Meridien Hotel, Piccadilly for NME. This photograph was used as the lead image for the article, an interview by David Quantick to promote her debut solo album, When You’re a Boy.

There’s a great quote in the interview with David Quantick, where he explains: “…Susanna wants to talk about her NME photo session. “I enjoyed it!” she beams. “It was fun! We just got creative with it. In The Bangles’ day, it was like – another photo session, four girls against the wall, let’s get it over with, kind of thing.” She frowns and then beams again. “But this one we had fun. It’s gonna look like Helmut Newton!”

Harry recalls: “Although her fame and beauty were intimidating, she was sweet and took my suggestion that she wear the hotel dressing gown we found in the wardrobe with good humour. I shot this with a Hasselblad on Agfapan 100 and Kodak Technical Pan, lit with a studio flash & brolley.”

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