The Spice Girls photographed in Las Vegas on 8 December 1997. A set of five individual portraits.

Harry Borden recalls the shoot on 8 December 1997 in Las Vegas: “The ageing diary pages from my Filofax confirm it was my craziest week ever. Monday, I shot the Girls in Las Vegas. Tuesday, I flew to Los Angeles for artist Frank Stella.  On Wednesday, I travelled to the East coast to shoot Joseph Heller in New York and finally a jaunt to Chicago for Barry Manilow. All without an assistant.

These portraits were taken in my hotel room, lit with a single tungsten ‘redhead’. I realise now I was influenced by Corinne Day’s grungy portrait of Kate Moss for Vogue June 1993.

By this stage the Girl Power Juggernaut was unstoppable, the previous evening I’d watched them win a Billboard Award for best album at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. As usual, I didn’t get long but they were fun and very professional.”

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