Bjork photographed in Reykjavic, Iceland, on 24 September 1998

Harry recalls the shoot with Bjork: “Visually sophisticated and engaged in the process, it’s not enough to get just a ‘good’ portrait of Björk. I’m sure every photographer who takes her picture has the image in their portfolio. This was from a memorable trip to Iceland with Lynn Barber for the Observer. Although I was only allocated 20 minutes, this photograph was lucky enough to win a World Press award in 1999. It was shot with my Hasselblad on Tri-X film.

At the time I was experimenting with a lab that offered to process the film for next to nothing. When I scanned the negative I thought it looked a bit grainy but put any doubts to the back of my mind. After I received the fax from the World Press Photo, (it was before the ubiquity of email) I instructed my printer to make a beautiful analogue bromide. A few days passed before I got a panicked call from the lab explaining the neg was impossible to work with. They actually said it looked like it had been developed in Urine.

Photoshop and a digital output came to the rescue but I learned a valuable lesson; Never economise with your work.”

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