Ormond Yard London 1965

Gered recalls: “Shot just outside my Ormond Yard studio, this portrait of the band features two of  Britain’s greatest guitarists; Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. I was very pleased to have captured the bowler hatted city type as he passed by in the background!” 

There is certainly more than meets the eye in this picture. We actually think this photograph is a perfect example of one of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “decisive moments”. Here’s why. Well, it goes without saying that the band were posed by Gered, so its nothing to do with that. It’s the fact that closer examination of what is going on in the background reveals a veritable microcosm of 1960’s British society. Gered himself mentions the upper class gent in the bowler hat who appears between Keith Relf’s legs, looking towards the camera. But look further back and see who is also there, also framed by the Relf thighs – it appears to be a working man in overalls and flat cap walking towards our bowler hatted friend. And then look to the right and see what’s going on between Jimmy Page’s legs…it’s a genuine 1960s beat girl, nicely framed by a doorway she is passing.

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