Eric recalls “During the last month of recording the album Born to Run, Bruce would spend nearly every waking hour at the Record Plant on West 44th Street in New York.
The last week of finalizing the album was particularly intense, and given the mood I knew not to interfere.  This image was made a few days before Bruce finished the album. I showed up and waited in the lobby of the building, and finally left to go home. Bruce suddenly appeared and we talked briefly–he was amused by the custom made T-shirt I was wearing which had the words “BORN FOR FUN” emblazoned on the front in red, white and blue.
In the hot July sunlight, I got a few portraits of him grinning before he went back in to work some more on the song “Jungleland”.  In a few days the album would be finished.”
Photograph ©  Eric Meola, registered with U.S. Copyright Office