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David Corio: Talking Heads, The Roundhouse, London, 1978

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David Corio recalls: “The former 19th century steam engine repair shed was a circular venue that had been previously known for hosting acts like Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd with psychedelic light shows in the 1960s and it still had an alternative hippy feel even when punk was in full force. The Roundhouse had unusual line-ups and this show featured Dire Straits opening the bill followed by Slaughter & The Dogs and Talking Heads headlining.”

Talking Heads’ debut album ‘Talking Heads 77’ was one of the early new wave albums that was quite different and more sophisticated than most of the punk music coming out at the time. This would later be labelled post-punk. Their first single ‘Psycho Killer’ was a hit and featured Tina Weymouth’s distinctive heavy bass line and David Byrne’s jagged guitar sound. They later developed a heavier rhythm using a mix of funk and world music influences and Tina Weymouth also formed the more hip hop –influenced Tom Tom Club with Talking Heads’ drummer Chris Frantz.

Talking Heads finally split up in the late 1980s. Although they reformed briefly when they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Tina Weymouth was quoted as saying that David Byrne was ‘a man incapable of returning friendship’. Don’t expect any reunions in the near future!

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