Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker were a new breed of blues band, so Kane decided to shoot them on a

railroad track in Chads Ford Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia, where the band was performing. After all,

what better way to portray the blues than backed by the melancholy of a railway track and the setting sun

inflaming Ginger Baker’s hair. Drummer Baker, elated over the news that morning of the birth of his son in the

UK, would leap up often during the shoot, and roll down the embankment of the train track into bramble

bushes, requiring Art’s assistant to clean him up. Later, at lunch at a diner in rural Pennsylvania, Baker marched

up to a group of firemen who were laughing and pointing at the group of longhaired freaks and said…”What are

you laughing at? Look at you in your silly hats”