Art Kane. A wonderful name, and a complete original. A brilliant, visionary New York based photographer whose legacy and legend live on today, and whose work remains unmatched. Kane was the photographers’ photographer, an inspirational practitioner whose approach to portraiture is best summed up when he said “Performance shots are a waste of time, they look like everyone else’s. If you want to shoot a performer, then grab them, own them, you have to own people, then twist them into what you want to say about them.”

Kane built his reputation as an Art Director (the youngest on a major NYC magazine) before embarking on a career as a photographer. He trained with the mercurial Alexey Brodovitch, a tough teacher who had a hand in the careers of legends such as Irving Penn and Richard Avedon.

Every once in a while, we get to show an archive of unmatched, unparalleled beauty. This is such an archive. So go on. Put a bit of sunshine on your walls.

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