Project Description

Ricochet : David Bowie 1983

by Denis O’Regan

‘Ricochet : David Bowie 1983’ is a museum quality fine art boxed set, limited to 2000 copies. This is an official collaboration with David Bowie, by David’s official tour photographer, Denis O’Regan. It is the most ambitious Bowie book project ever, focusing entirely on just one year in David’s life, when he toured the world for the first time in five years.

The set contains just under one thousand exceptional personal and intimate images, many shared for the first time ever. Each image featured was approved personally by David Bowie. The package contains signed limited edition photographic prints and other rare, unique collectable extras. Book packages will be delivered to purchasers during July, 2018.

Packaged in a transparent heavy duty acrylic case, and delivered in a collectible outer carton, this book is hand numbered, features the official David Bowie Estate stamp and is presented in a luxurious white cloth compartmented box.

The limited edition book

Top view of the limited edition Ricochet book

One 17.51×11.69 inch (445×297 mm) cloth covered coffee table book, 320 pages, 150 gsm paper, thread sewn, case bound. Ricochet contains hundreds of exceptional personal and intimate photographs which are being shared for the first time, and every image in the book was personally approved by David Bowie. Many photographs feature captions by Denis with a personal memory. The book also contains lyrics from songs performed on the tour, including some handwritten by David.


Examples of spreads from the limited edition Ricochet book

Three limited edition prints

An example of the limited edition print with certificate of authenticity

Three 20×16 inch (508×406 mm) fine art photographic prints on Hahnemühle 308 gsm Photo Rag paper signed and hand numbered by Denis O’Regan; each in a limited edition of 50 prints identified by a securely encrypted certificate. Delivered in a folder designed to reflect David’s Serious Moonlight stage attire.

Please note that the prints / certificates shown are for illustration and the actual prints in each box set will vary.

Folder (centre) with three limited edition prints and certificates of authenticity

Four additional books

Aerial view of the top of the perspex box showing the four additional books

Four 10×8 inch (254×203 mm) hardback cloth covered books of 64 pages – Serious Moonlight, You Pretty Things, Divine Symmetry, Word On A Wing, each featuring a graphic representation of one of David’s Serious Moonlight tour stage costumes.


Examples of spreads from the four additional books

Book 1 – Serious Moonlight
: Features a ticket from every city on the tour.
Book 2 – You Pretty Things: Features additional photographic images, including contact sheets marked up by David.
Book 3 – Divine Symmetry: Features copies of set lists, itineraries, rooming lists, stage set designs, costume designs, and other tour related memorabilia.
Book 4 – Word On A Wing: 
Features words and lyrics by David Bowie, some of them from David’s handwritten originals; and an introduction and captions by Denis O’Regan.

Exclusive vinyl

Side A of the exclusive vinyl, from above

One exclusive limited edition 12 inch red vinyl featuring ‘Ricochet’ on Side A and ‘Let’s Dance’ (remastered by Nile Rogers) on Side AA.

The Bowie Estate Certificate

The Bowie estate certificate included in the package

One 20×16 inch (508×406 mm) certificate of authenticity signed by the photographer; featuring the individual book number, a secure encrypted official David Bowie Estate stamp designed by Jonathan Barnbrook, and a comprehensive list of the contents of the book package. Denis O’Regan explains: “State of the art authentication and security are both critical to ‘Ricochet : David Bowie 1983’. We’re the first David Bowie project to use the official David Bowie Estate Stamps, so it’s vital to protect it from counterfeiting.”

The carry case

The carry case (front)

The package is delivered in an outer carton with a carrying handle.

The carry case (back)

The layers

Graphic showing the multiple layers in the Ricochet : David Bowie 1983 package