Project Description

Iain made the iconic Abbey Road album cover for The Beatles.

Iain MacMillan was born on 20 October 1938, and died on 8 May 2006.

in 1966, Iain MacMillan worked with Yoko Ono : he included a photograph of her in “The Book of London”, a collection of his photographs published that year. She then commissioned Iain to document her exhibition at London’s Indica gallery, and as a result, Iain was introduced to John Lennon – establishing the Beatles connection. Subsequently, John Lennon invited Iain to photograph the Abbey Road cover.

In 2011 we exhibited all of Iain’s Abbey Road session photographs at the gallery in our exhibition Beatles and Bystanders ( you can read all about the famous shoot by clicking on that link)

During his lifetime, Iain MacMillan produced and signed a number of colour photographs of the Abbey Road session alternates, made to the highest archival standards from the original transparencies. These session alternates are interesting because they variously show the Beatles walking in opposite directions, Paul in wearing shoes, and London buses and taxis make appearances. Iain passed away on 8 May 2006 and signed examples of his work, made during his lifetime, are finite and scarce. As such they are highly prized amongst Beatles collectors. Individual examples of each of the photographs come on the secondary market from time to time, and, occasionally the holy grail – a complete suite of front cover variants and the back cover photograph becomes available. The prices of these iconic images reflect their importance in the photographic history of The Beatles.