Project Description

This exhibition coincides with the second release by our publishing arm, Ormond Yard Press – I Saw Nick Drake: photographs by Keith Morris.

Keith Morris’s archive is the single most important source of photographs of Nick Drake, with Keith photographing him for all three of his albums over a two and a half year period from April 1969 to late 1971. Tragically, Keith died in a scuba diving accident in 2005 but his legacy lives on through his incredible archive of photographs.

We have been working closely with Keith’s estate to create the definitive book of photographs from his outstanding Nick Drake archives. Nick Drake was an enigma, and has never been the focus of a specific photographic study before now. Couple that with the the fact that Keith Morris, a superb photographer, has an unmatched Nick Drake photographic archive, and you have a pretty heady cocktail. I Saw Nick Drake fits in to the space that is left between the published biographies and LPs, adding the images that go with the words and the music.

It’s a huge and exciting book – 24 inches x 18 inches ( 60 x 45cm) when closed, opening up to a mammoth 24 x 36 inch (60 x 90cm) spread size.

I Saw Nick Drake includes approximately 200 photographs over 96 pages, and contains the very best work from Keith Morris’s Nick Drake archives. Just 500 individually numbered copies are available worldwide. On the gallery walls, we present a selection of pages from the book, reproduced in their actual size.  Imagine an entire art gallery exhibition that you get to take home and keep forever. When you buy the book, you get all that you see on the walls, and much more besides.

This is a book that defies the normal ‘coffee table’ convention. Much larger than a traditional coffee table volume, it is slim and elegant at the same time. It is housed in a beautiful custom slipcase, lined with black suedel, a felt-like material, which cushions and protects the book. The cover of the book and slipcase have been deliberately left free of text so that nothing detracts from the power of the images. As a result, the book looks like a work of art you could hang on your wall. And in fact you can, as we have developed a special slide-in-slide-out frameless acrylic frame that enables you to do just that. You can see this on the gallery wall as well.

I Saw Nick Drake is available to purchase for £395 plus shipping.

You can make a purchase by calling us at the gallery, or alternatively you can order online.

If you need more information, you should find everything you need here but if you have any questions at all, please ask.

We hope that you enjoy this exhibition!