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Derek D’Souza

Derek D’Souza was a 22-year-old fan when he took the photograph of the Jam that appeared on the cover of their single, “Absolute Beginners”.

Derek D’Souza began photographing his favourite band, The Jam, in the late 70s. Attending their concerts across London, he would take pictures at every opportunity, sending the best ones in to their fan club. His photographs, taken with a low-budget, manual camera from the midst of crowds in low-lit venues, caught the attention of Paul Weller. Two years later, Paul Weller’s mum contacted D’Souza and he was commissioned to take photos for the band’s 1981 single “Absolute Beginners”. One of Derek’s images from that day was added to the National Portrait Gallery’s collection.

The Jam – Absolute Beginners session, Chiswick Park, London, 1981
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Paul Weller – Absolute Beginners session Chiswick Park, London, 1981
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