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Project Description

On Thursday 17 January we will be launching the limited edition print of De La Soul’s classic Three Feet High and Rising album cover artwork.

We are delighted to announce the release of a new limited edition print featuring the iconic cover art from De La Soul’s Album, 3 Feet High and Rising by artist and designer Toby Mott.

Over 20 years after its release, 3 Feet High and Rising remains one of the most feted albums in the hip hop canon. This unique LP emerged in 1989 amidst the burgeoning US hip-hop scene. While most now-forgotten groups took the cookie-cutter approach to hip-hop, replicating the style, lyrics and golden chained aesthetics of the era, De La Soul’s daisy age record broke the mould. 3 Feet High and Rising became New York’s unofficial soundtrack, it’s bouncing beats and positive vibes match the city’s late 80’s early 90’s vibrancy. Today the record is still spinning, having stood the test of time. Its unique aesthetic approach to the formation of hip hop is represented both in its sounds and its unforgettable album artwork.

At the gallery we will displaying the new print, alongside Toby Mott’s original sketch, his gold disc, and some amazing memorabilia from Toby’s private collection.

You can order a print online right here.