Project Description

Known for his panoramic vistas and dramatic portraits, Andy Earl is one of the most celebrated photographers in the world of popular culture. While Andy is probably best known for his portraits of Johnny Cash for the American Recordings LP, his photographic archive goes much deeper.

Andy Earl’s limited-edition photographs are available to purchase in a range of sizes. We have organised them into three collections : Johnny Cash, other portraits and panoramic vistas. Click on a collection below to view the available images, prices and sizes.

The Collections

Johnny Cash

Key images from the American Recordings and later sessions


Panoramics featuring ABC, PM Dawn and others

Music Portraits

Mick Jagger, Prince, Bow Wow Wow and others


Born and brought up in Sussex, at sixteen, Andy Earl worked for James Hunt as a mechanic. He then studied art at Trent Polytechnic where he was encouraged to use photography as an artistic expression. During his second year he studied in Baltimore, where he was strongly influenced by American colour photography.

Andy Earl was offered a show at the Photographer’s Gallery London and the following year represented Britain in the Venice Bienniale. On the strength of the London show Malcolm McLaren offered him a commission for the controversial Bow Wow Wow album cover.

A hugely successful career within the international music business followed with over 120 sleeves, including 20 videos for musicians including The Rolling Stones. Few of the principal figures of British and American popular music have eluded Earl’s lens.

Throughout this time, Earl had supported an active interest in contemporary architecture. It is a pursuit that has led to the buildings of Norman Foster, Future Systems, Richard Rogers and, lately, Oscar Niemeyer featuring prominently in his work. For many people across the world, Earl’s views of the Niemeyer Niteroi Museum, depicted on the group ABC’s CD cover, remain the main published exposure of this great building.