The cycling jersey has been employed by the Tour since its origins – as an exhibition of allegiance, a badge of honour, and a billboard for commerce.

James Straffon’s jersey series presents classic Tour de France jerseys, in acrylic on canvas, each one measuring 15 x 15 x 4 cm.

These work well individually or in combinations of three / four (or more) together. Please note that these are unique pieces, not editions, and are priced at £500 each.

Featured Jerseys are ACCB-Saint Raphaël-Helyett-Hutchinson, Legnano-Pirelli, Margnat-Paloma, Saint Raphaël-Gitane, Bianchi, BiC, G S Faema, G S EMI, Legnano, Mercier-BP-Hutchinson, Pelforth-Sauvage-Le Jeune, Peugeot-BP-Michelin, Carpano, Switzerland, Salvarini.

You can view larger versions of each one here