Born To Run Revisited, with photograph by Eric Meola, set the tone for our books – the best work from a single session with Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons by a photographer operating at the peak of his powers, taken one afternoon in June 1975. Incredible detail, beautiful printing, a limited edition of 500, each one signed by Eric Meola.

Many people think there are only two people on the cover of Born To Run. If you have this book, you know that there are five. Here’s why

If you would like a copy of Born To Run Revisited, you can order one here

I Saw Nick Drake: Photographs by Keith Morris is a different kind of book – because Keith Morris photographed Drake a number of times in different locations over a two year period, and this book contains the best work from those sessions. This was a fascinating project to be involved in. Photographs often yield information when you subject them to scrutiny, and close investigation of one photograph in particular allowed us to date an important session for Five Leaves Left with accuracy for the first time.

It’s a fascinating story of ginger beer and a girl called Jean, and you can read it here.

If you would like a copy of I Saw Nick Drake, you can order one here.