I wanted to mention Gered’s famous photograph of Eurythmics taken for their Revenge album, particularly as the incredible Annie Lennox very kindly gave the exhibition a mention on her Facebook page.

Gered recalls: “By the time the Tourists broke up I had become good friends with Annie and Dave and they asked me to shoot with them as Eurythmics. In the first year or so they could only get a record deal for one single at a time and I did the first couple of sessions with them on a speculative basis, hoping that they would get a release. The rest is pop music history! I loved working with them and adored their music – Annie was glorious in front of the camera and Dave was the perfect visual foil. My last session with them was for the Revenge cover and was shot in Paris. After I delivered the session Dave told me that they were going to have a painting made of one of the shots for the final cover.”

I know that Gered was always disappointed that the painting was used rather than the original photograph, and I have to agree with him that it was a very strange decision. In the exhibition we present the beautiful original photograph in all it’s glory – so much nicer than the subsequent painted version! 

It is available to purchase in a range of sizes.

Full details on the exhibition are here.