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Project Description

Barry was the official photographer on the European leg of Bob Dylan’s 1966 world tour, but also photographed Dylan in 1963 and 1974

 barryfeinavatar“Bob and I were friends long before we worked together. We hung out and understood each other. When there was something to say we would talk, when there wasn’t we were silent. We were similar in that way, no bullshit. That’s the way it is in music. What often makes a piece of music great are the notes left out. And it’s like that with photography; knowing when to take a shot and, more importantly, when not to. I wanted my pictures to say something. I don’t really like stand-up portraits, there’s nothing there, no life, no feeling. I was much more interested in capturing real moments.” Barry Feinstein

Barry Feinstein photographed Bob Dylan over an 11 year period, starting with the 1963 cover photograph for The Times They Are A-Changin’, majoring on the incendiary 1966 world tour and ending with the 1974 tour. Bob Dylan didn’t tour in the eight year void between 66 and 74, but Barry was there to capture the end of one creative peak and the start of a new one. Barry’s archive includes some of the most iconic and important photographs of Bob Dylan ever made; the 1966 portrait of Dylan in Liverpool surrounded by street kids which the BBC recreated in 2007 with as many of the original participants as they could locate; the Aust Ferry portrait used on the cover of Martin Scorcese’s No Direction Home, and many more. As Barry explains, “The mutual trust, respect and friendship we had for each other are reflected in these photographs. I liked his work, he liked mine. He knew I would make him look interesting – and he was interesting. I knew I was in the presence of genius.”

Barry Feinstein passed away in October 2011. Handmade estate stamped silver gelatin photographs are for sale in a range of sizes from 16 x 20 inches upwards.