Astrid Kirchherr

Astrid Kirchherr

Astrid is a German photographer who took many photographs of the Beatles' at a very early point in their career during their time in Hamburg.

Astrid studied photography until 1960 and then followed on to become an personal assistant to Reinhard Wolf. It was in the 1960 that Astrid first met the Beatles on their first visit to Hamburg.  She came across them in Kaiserkeller club and immediately fell in love with the music and the band and so they she and her boyfriend and friend visited the club everyday the Beatles’ played, arriving at 9pm every night.   After a little while Kirchherr asked if she could take photographs of them, which at this point in their career, really excited them.  The first photographs she took of them was at a fairground and then at her mother’s house.  At this point Pete Best and Stuart Sutcliffe were a part of the group, but Stuart soon fell in love with Kirchherr and decided to pursue the career as an artist by her side.

Astrid continued to work as a freelance photographer and took the 1968 photograph that was to be used for the cover of "Wonderwall Music" by George Harrison.

From August 2011 Astrid is no longer offering signed hand made silver gelatin photographs of her classic Beatles images on the primary market. From August 2011 onwards we will only be offering Astrid's signed work from time to time, when examples reappear on the secondary market.

If there is a particular photograph that interests you please get in touch and we will notify you if something becomes available. Please also be sure to check out the collection of limited edition books featuring Astrid's work.


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