Our new site is now live and kicking. We think she is a beautiful piece of work. There are a stack of new features, and we will be updating her regularly for new content. She isn’t perfect yet, but she is certainly good enough to go live right now. If you do spot a bug, please accept our apologies; and if you can, please do take a minute to let us know exactly what problem you had. We will fix it pronto and your good deed will have been done for the day.

Your starting point is our brand new homepage, where you can see all the latest and featured news, and scroll through many of our favourite images of the moment.

Other new features include

  • A shopping cart where you can buy anything from the site online
  • Gift ideas under £250 (located in the ‘shop’) for when you are looking for something special on a budget
  • A powerful search function to save you time
  • The ability to save your favourite photographs into your own area so you can chew over those difficult choices
  • A news subscription service – sign up now to receive all the latest news straight to your inbox
  • A special section on rare books – an increasingly popular collectible

We will be adding other helpful features, and much more content, over the coming weeks and months. 

In the meantime, please do have a good look around the site – there are plenty of new things to see.

Any questions or feedback just get in touch