The Spines series by Keith Haynes

Now it’s personal.

In his Spines series, Keith Haynes creates limited editions based on his recreations of the spines of classic vinyl albums. 

These are not photographs–they are drawings that Keith makes from scratch, researching original fonts and designs, and painstakingly recreating and combining each spine into the overall artwork.

The series has been very popular, and subjects to date have included The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Weller/The Jam and a selection of Punk and New Wave LPs. Keith launched the series with a limited edition based on the Spines of some of his own favourite records. 

Many clients have asked over the years if Keith would produce specific commissions for them based on the spines of records in their own collections. 

Until today, that hasn’t been possible. 

From today, it is.

I am delighted to announce that Keith is launching a bespoke service where he will create a customised Spines artwork for you in a bespoke size to suit your wall space and featuring the records of your choice.