The 45 rpm single is a complete cultural icon. Remember your first time? All your old singles, in simple paper sleeves? Maybe you still even have them.

Morgan Howell creates three dimensional original paintings of classic 7 inch waxings, but on a superscale. These are not paintings on flat canvas – these are 3D paintings, in handpainted worn bags, crinkled and creased at the edges by Morgan. Morgan’s paintings reproduce the label artwork in all its glory and also some stunning bag designs.  Often overlooked in favour of picture sleeves and LPs, the paper bags for singles sleeves actually displayed some simple but beautiful designs. The bags contain a supersize vinyl disc, so in every way it look like a regular single, just way bigger. So difficult to get across on a website, but amazing in the flesh.

Originals and limited editions

As well as offering clients the chance to have a bespoke original 3D super-size single made of your own favourite 45, Morgan also offers a more affordable limited edition version.

We have an example of one of these limited editions at the gallery right now, of the Stones classic (I can’t get no) Satisfaction, from an edition of 9 examples. The original of this piece was sold for over £20,000 at a recent charity auction, and the limited edition, which is the same physical size as the original, is a fraction of that price, at £2,000.

If you or a loved one has a favourite single that you want to celebrate, in a big way, and you are interested in finding out more about Morgan’s commisions and limited editions, please get in touch, and we can deal with any questions you may have.