We hosted an exhibition of classic photographs from Peter Webb’s 1971 Rolling Stones sessions at the gallery this Summer. One of Peter’s most famous images is "Falling Stones", a colour photograph of the band members all leaning to their left / our right as you view it . You’ll know it: it is one of the most famous images in the rock ‘n’ roll photography genre.

The ‘most asked question’ during our Peter Webb exhibition was "What happened next – did the Stones fall on the floor in a huge heap?". Well the answer is a categoric "No" (actually you can tell that from the Falling Stones image – there are plenty of legs about to cross to start breaking the fall.)

Just as interesting for me is what happened before. Here’s a glimpse. A previously unreleased black and white photograph of the Stones, lined up in military fashion, Keith being typically rebellious. Peter calls this one "Stone Wall" and it is now being offered for the first time, in limited editions in a range of sizes.

If you would like to join our ‘Own a Stone’ club, full price/size information is here