Guido Harari shares the background to this beautiful photograph: “In 1989, Crosby was clean and on the go with his second solo album, Oh Yes I Can. I always had been attracted by his face and this was my chance in a lifetime to capture his newfound serenity. He and Graham Nash, a true expert in photography, fell in love with this image and a few years later it appeared on Crosby’s Thousand Roads album cover. Twenty-five years later Crosby agreed to co-sign a very limited edition of 15 fine art prints, which makes this image even more special to me.”

Note that a regular version is available, signed by Guido Harari alone, in a range of sizes, here.

Archival limited edition pigment print on 16 x 23 inch paper, signed and numbered on the front by Guido Harari and David Crosby. Image size 11 x 21 inches approximately. Edition of 15.