The cufflinks given to him by Joan Baez, strategically placed LP’s by The Impressions, Robert Johnston, Lord Buckley and others, his own fourth album, ‘Another Side of Bob Dylan’ pushed away in the background, the beautiful and enigmatic Sally Grossman in the red dress, cigarette held defiantly, Dylan in the foreground on a chaise longue with a Persian cat on his knee : they all come together with a number of other carefully selected and composed objects, set within Daniel Kramer’s swirling photograph – created using a specially constructed and technically innovative rig which enabled him to keep Dylan in focus while blurring the edges of the room -deserving of its’ Grammy nomination. Dylan at the centre with everything revolving around him, daring you to step inside his new world, echoes of renaissance portraiture, unsurprisingly voted by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top 100 LP cover photographs of all time. This is rightly one of Daniel Kramer’s proudest moments.