John & Yoko Flag, Tittenhurst Park, Ascot, Buckinghamshire, 1971

I visited John and Yoko one afternoon accompanying a foreign news reporter. Yoko had just published a book called “Grapefruit” and John was standing shoulder to shoulder with her fielding press and publicity duties. We spent a long time in their kitchen during the interview while the laundry was running, the food was cooking and the kettle was whistling. John and Yoko were exploring ideas and plans for making a better world.  Afterwards they showed us their “White Room” and John specifically requested me to take this picture. At first glance it just appeared to be a mural of the American flag but when I realized what it was really about I became a bit apprehensive. John had mentioned earlier that they were thinking of moving to New York and were planning an anti ‘Tricky Dickie’ aka Nixon tour. I protested but he insisted.  John was inspirational, showing great courage and conviction in his and our pursuit of “Giving Peace a Chance”!