Andy Rosen remembers: “This image was taken in 1982 at the famous Air Studios in London. In 1969 George Martin left EMI to establish an independent recording complex in the heart of Central London. It became one of the most successful studio operations in the world. I knew it pretty well and had shot bands there before. As it happens, I did a session with Paul McCartney there. At the time I was working for Sounds music paper. The Jam were recording The Gift. When I arrived, John Weller (Pauls’s dad and manager) informed me that I would have to be quick as the band were behind schedule and Paul was already late. No surprise there. I would always arrive early to shoots to scope out locations and prep everything. I decided to take the stairs rather than the elevator to save time. As I opened the door, a burst of blazing sunlight suddenly filled the staircase and projected the window framing on the opposite wall. I had to look no further for a location. It was perfect.”

“One problem was that Paul had still not arrived, and there was no guarantee the sun would shine for me on demand. I ran back upstairs hoping Paul had turned up, but there was no sign of him. I went back to the staircase to prep for the shot. It’s actually a tough shot to get exposure-wise and even harder to print. The difference between the highlights and the shadows are extreme. It would be much easier now with digital, but with a pre-digital Nikon F2, it was not so easy. You also had no idea if you got it right until you got your film back from the lab. I opened the door… no sun. I was disappointed by resigned myself to the fact that if there was no sun, there was no sun. I would just do the shoot without it. In the end, Paul turned up. I grabbed him and the band and dashed back to the stairways. The stars were aligned, and for the next thirty mins the sun blazed. This shot actually is one of my favourite shots out of all of my portraits.”