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Andy Rosen: The Jam – Paul in shadows

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Andy Rosen remembers: “This image was taken in my studio in Camden Town. I had just rented a small space in the back of a print shop on Chalk Farm Road, bang opposite the market. Nowadays, the whole area has been developed. I think it’s now the second biggest tourist attraction in England. Back then, it was just a small cool market and area. Paul arrived early on a weekday. The whole studio thing was new to me. I remember being nervous because I was not really confident about being in a studio.  I had three strobe units and a few rolls of backdrop. Learning how to use the strobe and getting the results you wanted was a bit of a learning curve. Strobe lighting blasts out a lot of light, and it’s hard to control it. I decided it was best to keep things simple. I only used one light with the only attachment I had, a spotlight. As you can see, it cut down the light, and it was easy for me to control. Paul stayed for a few hours. I shot a few different setups but kept the light more or less the same for all.”

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