Andy Rosen remembers: “This was their last performance and the last ever shot of the Jam on stage. I worked with the Jam the most out of all the bands I photographed. I first met them through 5th Column, the famed T-Shirt silk screen printers from the punk days. Before the big merchandising companies took over, they designed and printed for most of the punk bands. I would do all the photography for the t-shirts. This led to meeting many bands on a social level and also getting access to take photos. That’s how I met The Jam. We used to go to all the gigs and deliver the merch.”

“Paul rang me up and asked me if wanted to cover the last gig since I had covered so many of their concerts. The band gave me an all-access pass. I got good stuff before and after the gig. I even got a classic shot of John Weller (Pauls’s dad and manager) walking across an empty arena after the gig. Everybody has gone and he looks pensive as he contemplates the end of the Jam. The only shot I had never taken of the band was from behind the stage I had many from the side. I wanted to capture the last moment looking through the band and to the audience. All the others I took could have been taken on any night, but the band “saying goodbye” to their fans was the shot I had to get. On the last song, I dived back behind Rick’s drums and got my chance. After that shot, I rushed back to the dressing room before they arrived and got the last shots of them coming backstage as the Jam.”