Project Description

With five titles announced, we thought that it was time to turn the gallery over to our publishing arm, Ormond Yard Press.

We are creating a special exhibition to showcase the first five limited edition ultra-large-format books by our publishing arm Ormond Yard Press.

Born To Run Revisited Photographs by Eric Meola

I Saw Nick Drake Photographs by Keith Morris

Sticky Fingers: The Lost Session Photographs by Peter Webb

Can You Se Me? Jimi Hendrix by Donald Silverstein

WOW! Kate Bush by Gered Mankowitz

Check them all out here.

Visitors to the gallery will be able to see the epic scale and exquisite detail in our books on the gallery walls, as we will be displaying sample double page spreads from each book in their actual size of 24 x 36 inches.

We will have bound display copies of each book for you to look through, and you will also see the books presented on the wall in our bespoke transparent display units.

We announce our sixth title very soon, so no doubt there will be some information on that as well !