Project Description

The Spines series by Keith Haynes

Now it’s personal.

In his Spines series, Keith Haynes creates limited editions based on his recreations of the spines of classic vinyl albums. The series has been very popular with clients, and subjects to date have included The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Weller/The Jam, and a selection of Punk and New Wave LPs. The series was launched with a limited edition based on the Spines of some of Keith’s own favourite records. These are not photographs – they are drawings that Keith makes from scratch, researching original fonts and designs, and painstakingly recreating and combining each spine into the overall artwork.

Many clients have asked over the years if Keith would produce specific commissions for them based on records in their own collections. 

Until now this hasn’t been possible, but I am delighted to announce that now, it very much is. 

It’s your turn.

A personalised Spines artwork.

Keith is offering collectors the opportunity to commission their own bespoke Spines artwork, and prices start at £ 2,500 for a specially commissioned piece. 

That gets you an artwork measuring 90 x 90 cm (35 x 35 inches approx) mounted behind high-gloss perspex—in effect a frameless frame. You can see an example in the photograph below. It is a very clean, contemporary look that makes colours really “pop”. A subframe on the reverse allows for easy hanging, with the artwork appearing to float slightly off the wall. They don’t need additional framing, but can be framed if required. Once it is completed, Keith signs each commission on the reverse.

An example in a room-set. The print is backed with dibond (a composite of aluminium and pvc) to give it structural rigidity, and clear perspex is mounted on the surface of the print. This heightens and accentuates colours.

Personalisation options

You can personalise the content, shape and size of the artwork. 

The content

Typically a 90 x 90 cm artwork would includes the Spines of around 40 albums.

For the entry level price of £ 2,500 you would need to select 90% of the content from Keith’s existing Spines library  and can make up the additional 10% with albums of your choice.  

You can of course increase the self-selected content, and if you wanted to, you could choose 40 albums that were not in the existing Spines library and needed to be made from scratch by Keith. As you would expect, increasing the self-select element increases the cost—and the timescale. 

As an example if you chose a 90 x 90cm artwork consisting of 100% self-selected content, the price would increase to £ 3,500. The mix of existing library content vs new self-selected content will determine the overall price, and we can give you a quote based on your specific selections. 

These prices assume that where you are self-selecting, you have the records and will supply the sleeves to us for the project. You don’t need to supply sleeves for records in the library. Any sleeves you supply will be returned to you once Keith has used them for reference. If you need us to track down record sleeves for you we can do that and any sleeves would be yours to keep at the end of the project. This would add to the cost, but not significantly as most albums are readily available at low prices on the second-hand market. 

Shapes and sizes

The maximum size for an artwork produced using this method is 180 cm x 122 cm (approximately 71 inches x 48 inches).

Any shape and size configuration within that total size is possible. So for example, you could choose a square layout with approximately 40 albums spines with a maximum size of 122 x 122 cm (approximately 48 x 48 inches).

If you wanted to use an entire 180x122cm sheet, you could do that – and that would require around 60 albums if presented horizontally.

A vertical presentation is also possible – and uses fewer albums.

Any combination of length and width within that overall 180 x 122 cm sheet size is possible. We can quote for the specific size that works for you. As an example, a huge 180 x 122cm artwork, presented horizontally and using a 90:10 ratio of library vs self-selected albums would cost £4,950.


The timing depends on content. For example a 90x90cm artwork with around 40 spines and a 90/10 mix would take approximately 3 weeks. A 90x90cm artwork with a 100% self select mix would take approximately 5 weeks. 


The Spines Series

Existing limited editions in the Spines series are available to purchase.

You can see them as you scroll down below. 

Spines #1 – Classics
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Spines 3 – Stones
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Spines #4 – Beatles
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Spines #2 – Bowie
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Spines #5 – Punk and New Wave
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Spines #7  – Paul Weller
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Spines #6 – Springsteen – image size 44 x 100 cm
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Spines – The Jam – in 100 x 24.5 cm ‘frameless’ in perspex dibond mount
For reasons of space, we are presenting this horizontally, but it is designed to be hung vertically. You can do it either way actually – whatever floats your boat.
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Spines #8 – Britpop – in 90 x 20 cm frameless perspex face-mount. This is the first time that Keith has made a spines piece that features CDs not vinyl records. Bespoke Spines pieces only feature vinyl records.
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Keith Haynes

London-born Keith Haynes is a contemporary artist whose work is driven by a passion for music and design.  Nostalgic and playful, Keith’s work has carved a distinctive niche in Pop Art culture, blending subject and object through his use of the ‘clutter’ of popular culture – button badges, album covers, and vinyl records.

With his love of graphic design, Keith creates work of striking visual acuity, playing with texture, colour and composition to generate an eye-catching aesthetic.  Retrospective and yet also forward-looking, Keith has found a delicate way of holding onto our tactile past, refusing the onslaught of digitalisation. 

Photo credit: Alexandria Savege