Project Description

Eric Meola made one of the most iconic photographs in the history of rock ‘n’ roll: the cover photograph on Bruce Springsteen’s landmark 1975 album Born to Run. We are honoured and very proud that Eric has chosen us to be the first gallery anywhere in the world to exhibit photographs from his Bruce Springsteen archive. This will be the first time Eric has offered anyone the chance to purchase what will surely become some of the most sought after limited edition rock ‘n’ roll photographs on the planet.

On Saturday 11 November 2006, from 12 – 3pm, Eric will be attending the public opening of the exhibition, and signing copies of his Bruce Springsteen book, Born To Run : the Unseen Photos, which is being published in the UK to coincide with the start of the exhibition. The book is hardcover, 12 inches square, approximately the same size as an album cover, and makes an ideal gift. (Unfortunately stocks didn’t last long, and we have none left!) This world exclusive also coincides with the start of the UK leg of Bruce Springsteen’s European tour, which kicks off in Birmingham on Thursday 9 November 2006, so it’s a bumper time for Springsteen fans.

We’re especially delighted that this will be the launch exhibition in our beautiful new 2,000 sq ft gallery space at one of the country’s most iconic buildings, the newly converted and restored Fort Dunlop building, just outside the centre of Birmingham. It’s going to be a very special exhibition in a very special building. The obvious problem it causes us is, ” How are we going to beat this one?” Well that’s our problem, and we’ll worry about that later. For now, we suggest you crack open a beer, get “Thunder Road” blaring out and sit back and read about this wonderful show, and how you can come to be the proud owner of one of Eric’s exclusive limited edition signed photographs. As you will see, most of the photographs are made in two sizes – regular and large – and only 15 of each size will ever be sold. These are very small edition sizes. A regular size photograph measures approximately 28 x 24 inches when framed. The supersize versions are spectacular if you have the wallspace – they are approximately 42 x 34 inches in the frame.