Project Description

We are serious Dylan specialists, and can offer you an unrivalled selection of the most iconic and important photographs of Bob Dylan available anywhere in the world.

Bob Dylan photographs are very special for many reasons. Anyone who loves Dylan’s music understands the dramatic changes that it went through, particularly in the sixties. Visually radical changes in his personal appearance, clothing, hair and demeanor over the years have gone hand in hand with this musical transformation, and are as equally as drastic and fascinating.

In 2004 we hosted our first major Bob Dylan photography exhibition: Keep your Eyes Wide – Dylan on Camera 1961 to 1975, which brought together work by some of our favourite photographers from the early years – Don Hunstein, Daniel Kramer, Jerry Schatzberg, Jean-Marie Perier, Fred W McDarragh, Ken Regan, Elliott Landy and Amalie R Rothschild.

In 2005 we hosted the first UK exhibition for Daniel Kramer, who photographed Bob Dylan in 1964 and 65. Daniel made the cover photographs for Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited and captured a vitally important period in Bob Dylan’s development. Daniel attended the opening of the exhibition and gave a very entertaining and revealing talk about his times photographing Bob to an audience of 100 people. Daniel told us afterwards that it was the first time he had ever shared the detail of how he made the swirling effect on Bringing It All Back Home with an audience of people. He also confirmed what a lot of people suspected – that it was Bob Neuwirth holding the camera behind Bob Dylan on the cover of Highway 61 Revisited.

After much too long a gap, in 2008 we hosted Barry Feinstein’s first UK exhibition, Real Moments, which coincided with the publication of the book of the same name, and featured a selection of well known and unseen work from his role as the official photographer on the European leg of his incendiary 1966 tour.

If you just can’t see the photograph for you online, just get in touch – it is very likely that we can show you something that hits the mark if we know what you are after.