We are delighted to offer our clients the chance to acquire these amazing photomosaic artworks by Lynn Goldsmith.

From a distance, you see a live action shot or portrait of Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Patti Smith or one of the other musicians photographed by Lynn. Move a little closer and the magic happens: that close up photograph of the Boss is actually made up of thousands of individual images of Bruce in concert, backstage, on the road and in the studio. 

In order to create her Rock Mosaics, Lynn will scan thousands of images from contact sheets of images taken over a period of years on a certain artist and or group. A main image is selected which Lynn feels best represents the iconic elements of the music as well as the musician. The images are broken up into a greyscale and are then hand placed into the selected overall image using a grid system created by artist Chuck Close. People often ask if these mosaics are created using commercially available software applications. The answer to that is an emphatic NO!! The image is not put together with a computer program. Working from the upper left corner to the lower right, Lynn uses this technique to reflect that ART is WORK.   Adobe Photoshop is then used to lighten and darken selected areas.

Each Rock mosaic takes a minimum of 2 weeks full time to make. The work that goes into each artist’s career is selected methodically and Lynn uses a variety of images from concert, to backstage, to on the road, in the studio, Lynn shows the work involved being a successful musician and or band. Lynn first made mosaics like this in 1974 for the Grand Funk Railroad album ‘Caught In The Act’ that she photographed and designed. There were 4 mosaics – one of each band member  – on the back cover.

Lynn’s collection of mosaics includes Bruce Springsteen, MickJagger, Keith Richards, Sting, Tom Petty, Kiss, Patti Smith, Frank Zappa.

These are large scale artworks, and come in a couple of size options.

Check them all out here