Our third and fourth titles came hot on each others heels, and are now in stock and ready to ship. We have been sending these out to clients for a month or so now, and the reaction to both copies has been fantastic.

Both books focus exclusively on the output of single sessions, and give us the opportunity to go really deep into each archive and present images in a spectacular scale.

I am really proud of both these books, as they showcase some very special photographs that, quite simply, deserve to be preserved.

Sticky Fingers: The Lost Session – photographs by Peter Webb

Peter Webb’s incredible Sticky Fingers archive was thought lost for many years. Once he was re-united with his negatives (you can read the story in the book) and I had the chance to see the complete archive, it was clear to me that this was a special body of work that needed to be captured forever in its surviving entirety.

Can You See Me? Jimi Hendrix by Donald Silverstein

Donald Silverstein’s Jimi Hendrix archive is a complete revelation – in my view it is the great unpublished Hendrix session. Now you can see for yourself why I say that.

You can buy books online, and we ship worldwide.

For Sticky Fingers: The Lost Session, go here

For Can You See Me? go here


What are people saying ?

Here are examples of some of the feedback we have received so far:

Guy, CYSM arrived in perfect condition on Tuesday. The timing was such that I was able to pour a nice ale and take it all in almost right away. It’s quite astonishing, how even the slightest of expression change makes a real impact when the image is so large. And having that fine-grain film’s ability to go that large really puts you face to face with Jimi. Quite the experience (no pun intended) and quite the publication. Outstanding! Frank M, USA

It is a while now since I received Peter Webb’s Sticky Fingers book. It is absolutely extraordinary! The images collected from the one session is amazing in that mega-sized book. Thank you for releasing it, and give my regards to Peter Webb. Bjorn S, Norway

The book – really a master photographic artwork – is phenomenal.  Keith K, USA

What an absolute joy to receive your splendid book today! An emotional journey through page after page.  Dag K, Norway

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you and your team did with the 2 most recent books.  Simply the best. Brian B, USA

First and second impressions are WOW and FANTASTIC. I managed to spend an hour with the book late afternoon (with some Hendrix vinyl playing) and my initial impressions were confirmed. The detail that these shots afford the viewer is un-paralleled, that detail is startling. Gordon J, UK

Just to let you know that I’ve received the Sticky Fingers book – it is breathtaking , literally, because I think I’ll need to go to the gym for a while in order to be able to lift it !! It’s a truly wonderful piece of work ! Keith G, England

Well worth the wait, it is simply stunning!!! Steve E, England

These large format books are a great idea which is well thought out and executed. Everything from packaging to delivery reflects a quality product which leads to pride of ownership. Looking forward to the Hendrix edition! Dave L,  Germany

Just a quick email to tell you how excited I am about Sticky Fingers: The Lost Session. It is one of your best so far and definitely worth the wait. Thank you so much for putting this together !! William H, London

We have display copies of both books at the gallery, and have some supersize graphics featuring a 2m high Jimi Hendrix and an equally sized Mick Jagger on the walls. Come and see them for yourself. What are you waiting for !


You can order books online, and we ship worldwide

For Sticky Fingers: The Lost Session, go here

Can You See Me? is here