Pete McKee has selected three images from the current Great Moments in Popular Music exhibition to offer as limited edition screenprints.

Details of the first, The Beatles Get a Haircut, were released at the end of August.

We can now announce the other two images which are available in screenprint form.

The Weekenders (shown alongside) is Pete McKee’s homage to Northern Soul Allnighters and, as Pete puts it, "to those pioneers, who, in the interest of having a good time, were prepared to dance all weekend aided by love, sweat and chemicals".

Pub Rocked is Pete’s tribute to bands that started out playing on the pub circuit (The Who, The Jam, Dr Feelgood, etc.) As Pete says, it is "For those who shed blood to entertain us."

The Weekenders and Pub Rocked are £350, and The Beatles is £395. All three screenprints are now available to order, either online or through the gallery. The original paintings are also available to purchase.