Here’s a photograph of Morgan Howell’s 3D supersize painting of Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run single, occupying a 32 x 32 inch slab of gallery wall in our current exhibition.

It’s a magnificent specimen, almost 16 times the surface area of the original single that Morgan painted it from.

We are having a blast with Morgan’s exhibition – it really is like nothing you will have seen before. The painted canvas bag contains an actual vinyl disk, 27 inches diameter, and the silver spindle in the middle represents the spindle on your record player. It has a chrome finish, and acts as the focal point of the artwork, drawing you in (you can see your reflection in it) before your eyes work outwards, taking in the label details, the sleeve, and the signs of wear and tear that Morgan has applied to the piece.

The reason for singling out Born To Run for a special mention is that it has been the best selling piece in the exhibition so far.  As well as the original painting, it comes in two limited edition printed versions, one (“Supersize”) the same physical size and construction as the original painting (32 x 32 inches, with an actual disk in a 3D bag), and secondly in a smaller (“Oversize”) version with a different technical construction ( two prints combined to give a 3D effect)  measuring 16 x 16 inches framed.

If you want a Born to Run, you aren’t too late – here’s the link to the various size options

The 32 x 32 inch versions are a real treat. As one wise client said to me last week when purchasing a Supersize limited edition, "If you are going to go, you might as well go big".  I couldn’t agree more – at that scale they begin to reflect the real importance of the 7 inch single in contemporary popular culture.

This is great work: please have a look at the exhibition  if you can. There are fabulous pieces covering Bowie, Bolan, Dylan, The Beatles, Kinks, Rolling Stones and many more.

To help, we have created a nice online catalogue, which includes interior photographs of the gallery.