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More Jim Marshall rarities

In last month’s newsletter we brought you details of two ultra rare Jim Marshall photographs, and now we feature two more items from the maestro. Jim is one of the most acclaimed photographers within the music genre, and passed away unexpectedly in 2010. Signed examples of his work are much sought after.

Alongside his signed silver gelatin photographs, Jim offered a small selection of his images as signed, limited edition platinum prints. Platinum prints are very beautiful and have a quite distinct hand-finished brushed edge – you can see an example below featuring John Coltrane.

Bob Dylan with tire

The first piece we have available is a signed limited edition platinum print of Jim’s famous photograph of Bob Dylan rolling a tire along a street in Greenwich Village NYC in 1963. This one will be well known to Dylan devotees.

Jim Marshall spent a couple of years in the early sixties in New York, before moving back to his native San Francisco. He knew Bob Dylan from photographing the Newport Folk Festival, and they met early in the morning in Greenwich Village. They were walking around, going into cafes. As Jim recalled it, Bob Dylan just saw a tire and picked it up and started rolling it. He was there at the right moment and clicked. This has become one of Jim’s most recognised photographs.

Here’s how Jim described it in his 1997 coffee table book, Not Fade Away:

“What did Churchill say about Russia? A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma? Well, Dylan is an enigma. This particular photo was taken one Sunday morning when Bobby, his girlfriend Suze Rotolo, Dave Van Ronk and Terri Van Ronk all were going to breakfast in New York.  Just two frames were shot – no big deal—but I feel it shows that Bob was still a kid in 1963.  Contrary to popular belief, this shot did not inspire the song ‘Like a Rolling Stone.’  No one really knows where he was coming from, but he’s one of the most brilliant songwriters of our time.”

The Jazz portfolio

The second item is actually a limited edition collection of 10 platinum prints in a beautiful custom box, featuring some of the greats of the world of Jazz that Jim photographed between 1960 and 1979. Subjects are Carmen McCrae & Dizzy Gillespie; Miles Davis in the boxing ring; Thelonius Monk; Bill Evans; John Coltrane; Coleman Hawkins; Duke Ellington; Charles Mingus; Eric Dolphy; Ben Webster.

If you are interested in finding out more about either the Dylan photograph or the Jazz portfolio, just get in touch. We can provide you with photos / dimensions etc.


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