Limited edition books from Ormond Yard Press

Do you want to see the bigger picture?

There’s still time to get one of the beautiful large-format limited edition books from our Ormond Yard Press imprint to enjoy during lockdown—either for yourself or as a special gift for a friend. There are eight different books in the series and they are in stock and ready to go.

Each limited edition volume measures a staggering 18 x 24 inches when closed and 24 x 36 inches when open, and comes in a handsome slipcase.

Each book is a work of art that you can actually hang on your wall, if you choose to, using the optional acrylic display unit that we have developed to house them. You can read more about each book and the display unit (which fits all these books) in the links below. 

The Big Book of Birds of Britain by John d Green

John d Green’s photographs have appeared on record sleeves by The Smiths, Sonic Youth and Dusty Springfield, but he was not a music photographer by trade. One of the top advertising photographers in the 1960s, he devoted a year of his life between April 1966 and April 1967 to photograph Britain’s top female movers and shakers. John’s exquisite portraits capture the buzz of a key period in contemporary popular culture. Each copy is signed by John d Green.

Born To Run Revisited—Bruce Springsteen by Eric Meola

A key selection of images from Eric Meola’s June 1975 session in his New York studio with Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons, producing the cover photograph for Born To Run. Renowned for his colour portraiture, Eric created a classic collection of black and white photographs of the two friends and fellow musicians. Each copy is signed by Eric Meola.

WOW!Kate Bush by Gered Mankowitz

We present the very best from Gered Mankowitz’s 1978-79 sessions with Kate Bush. Each copy of this large format limited edition volume is signed by Gered Mankowitz.

Sticky Fingers—The Lost Session by Peter Webb

Sticky Fingers: The Lost Session – photographs by Peter Webb features the complete surviving archive of black and white and colour photographs from Peter Webb’s 1971 session with the Rolling Stones. The backstory is fascinating – and is told in detail by Peter in the introduction to the book. He lost the negatives, then found them again many years later. We made the book with him before he had the chance to lose them again. Each copy is signed by Peter Webb. 

Can You See Me?—Jimi Hendrix by Donald Silverstein

Donald Silverstein was a contemporary of Bailey, Donovan and Duffy, and photographed Jimi Hendrix and The Experience in his London studio in 1967. This is the great undiscovered Jimi Hendrix archive, and this book celebrates these images in glorious ultra-large format, presenting the best photographs from that session. The close up detail in this spectacular large format is jaw-dropping.

I Saw Nick Drake—photographs by Keith Morris

The best of Keith Morris’s Nick Drake photographic archive. Keith Morris’ archive is the single most important source of photographs of Nick Drake, with Keith photographing him for all three of his albums—Five Leaves Left, Bryter Layter and Pink Moon—over a two and a half year period from April 1969 to November 1971.

Rolling Thunder —Photographs by Ken Regan

Ken Regan had the kind of exclusive access to the first leg of Bob Dylan’s 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue that other photographers dream of. We present a stunning selection of his images in this large format limited edition. Incredibly, Ken’s Bob Dylan photographs have never been the subject of a dedicated book of their own, and many of the photographs in the book have not have been published before. 

Backstage—The Rolling Stones by Gered Mankowitz

What was it like to be backstage with the Rolling Stones? Gered Mankowitz was there – and shares his images with you. It’s the closest thing to being there. 

Here we show the front view of each book when placed in its slipcase.
Here’s Born To Run Revisited by Eric Meola sitting inside the optional acrylic wall mounted display unit.
This allows you to hang the book on the wall—like the piece of art it is.