Something completely unique. A worldwide edition of 1.

In an innovative new approach to offering collectible photography, Donald Silverstein’s family have selected a small number of images from his legendary 1967 session with Jimi Hendrix to offer to collectors as unique artworks. This is something completely separate from the selection of limited edition photographs available to purchase in the exhibition.

By purchasing one of these unique items, you acquire a beautiful handmade photograph of a select image, and also acquire full copyright. No-one else is able to reproduce the image because the right to do so is under your ownership and control.

These unique pieces are not shown in any detail online, because the items within the copyright collection are all previously unpublished images, and we wanted to preserve that status. They are available to view by appointment. 

What is included in the purchase?

The purchasers of these specially selected individual photographs will acquire a beautiful handcrafted bespoke display box (no two boxes are alike) containing the following items:

  • a custom reference print (16×20 inches) of the photograph in question, on heavyweight silver gelatin paper, made by hand in the darkroom from the original negative, and set in an archival window mount, with debossed title;
  • the original negative, contained in a bespoke case covered with Colorado Exe bookcloth, and titled in white foil blocking;
  • a legally binding document transferring ownership of the copyright in the image in question to the buyer, bound in Colorado Exe bookcloth, and titled in white foil blocking;
  • an ultra-high resolution drum scan of the original negative, in a bespoke case covered with Colorado Exe bookcloth, and titled in white foil blocking;
  • a special 12×12 inch book of photographs from the shoot. This book is specific to the box set and not available to purchase by itself. As with other box contents, it is bound in Colorado Exe bookcloth, and titled in white foil blocking.

The box – the ultimate in luxury packaging

The box itself is a work of art. Each internal element has its own bespoke housing. With overall dimensions of approximately 21 x 19 x 3 inches, it has substantial presence. The exterior is screen-printed with a close up extract of the image that is contained in the box. The luxurious interior references some of the pink and green colours on the jacket that Jimi is wearing on the shoot. It consist of a series of cascading layers, and as each object is removed, a smaller object is revealed, all the way down to the original negative at the bottom (and a special surprise underneath it).

The box is deep enough to be freestanding, so can be displayed flat or upright.

None of the images offered in this way have ever been offered / editioned before, and so the existence of future prints becomes a matter entirely for you, because as a result of the purchase, you acquire the copyright from the Silverstein family. So if you choose to retain the reference print and have no other prints made, then you have a completely unique piece.

Pricing and viewing

Prices for these select packages have a five figure price tag that reflects their importance. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss pricing and arrange a viewing to see the images that have been selected to be part of this unique offer.